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Island Awe is about discovering and exploring little-known tropical islands and sharing it all with you

Because we are continuously awe-struck by the beauty that greets us on the many lesser known islands we discover.

Welcome to Island Awe!

What is Island Awe about?

At Island Awe, we explore little-known pristine islands in the South Pacific and share our firsthand information on this website.

We’d like to inspire YOU to a journey to these paradises.

Right now, our focus is on the Cook Islands, and you can find all the details about its 12 inhabited islands here.

But that is just the beginning, our journey to other awe-inspiring tropical islands continues!

Hi, we are Eltje & Pietro, two full-time travel adventurers who do things a little differently...

Unlike most travel bloggers, we use to live in the countries we explore. This gives us time to get to know its islands, people, culture, and language in-depth, making it an authentic experience.

While doing so, we take all our belongings with us: a total of 6 suitcases, 2 with camera equipment and 4 more for all personal stuff. That’s all we own and all we need. It gives us the freedom and flexibility to go wherever we want.

We’d love to share all our island findings to inspire people to travel more to the little-known islands that are often the true paradises – untouched and with hardly any visitors. And there are quite a few of them on planet earth!

We are both over 50, and approach new things in a relaxed way and with lots of life & travel experience. We go where life takes us 😊

Island Awe - In General

This Is Us: Pietro & Eltje

We are travel adventurers that love to explore little-known tropical islands and tell YOU about them!

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Our Cook Islands Travel Guide

We lived for several years in the Cook Islands and experienced all its 12 inhabited islands. Find all details in our

South Pacific Islands Intro

Learn more about the South Pacific: Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia make up the

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COVID forced us to leave the South Pacific for now and brought us to South Africa. Here we continue our travel adventures. Follow us on our current journey through South(ern) Africa on

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We'd love to get your feedback, suggestions, and your island experiences.

Island Awe - All About The Islands

The Cook Islands

A paradise in the heart of Polynesia called the
The world’s most beautiful blue lagoon
Hike the reef, grottos and caves on
Find old volcanic rocks and cristal caves on
Explore the lagoon of black pearls and its little sister
Check out the gardens and giant banyan tree of
Find wild beaches and subterranean lakes on
Experience heaps of sharks and the XXL lagoon of
Breathtaking islands at the end of the world
The gorgeous main island of the Cook Islands is


Dive into a world of ancient culture and stunning landscapes on
Explore the magic of its people and the volcanos Benbow and Marum on
Hike one of the world's most active volcanos and live with ancient tribes on
Experience bungee jumping at its place of origin as old tradition of

Fiji Impressions

As a starting point a few impressions from Viti Levu and the Yasawa Islands on

More Islands To Come...

It started in the South Pacific, but we'll go everywhere for awe-inspiring tropical islands!

what is special about the islands we explore?

palm tree


The islands we explore are very untouched, where you can

- reconnect with nature,

- enjoy mental and physical freedom,

- and find peace and quiet without distraction

beach chair

Quiet Escape

You will find

- deserted beaches,

- hardly any visitors,

- a slower, more relaxed pace

- and lots of space and solitude


Rare Adventures

If you are in the mood for adventure, this is where you can

- explore places that are really off the beaten path,

- with unspoiled, wild landscapes,

- and centuries-old cultures

If these places tempt you, then Island Awe is for you. Stay tuned!

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