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Wondering what should be the goal for your next vacation? People often tend to think of holidays as opportunities to solely relax and comfort themselves, without realizing that they serve as the perfect chance to dip your toes in new adventures. After all, it is these little adventures that will form lasting memories!

So, this vacation, take the leap and sign yourself for a sailing vacation in the Pacific! Not only will you get to explore stunning islands, but you will also have the unbeatable opportunity to witness the magnificence of the oceanic realm! We did the same while living in the South Pacific for a couple of years and were rewarded big time.

There are excellent sailing spots in the Pacific Ocean: Tahiti, Moorea, the Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa, Niue, Fiji, Hawaii, Vanuatu, and Palau. They feature high-end sailing infrastructure on top of natural facilities that serve to make your sailing experience memorable.

Wondering what the 10 best sailing spots in the Pacific are? Here’s a list that identifies the top ten:

1. Sailing Spots in the Pacific: Tonga

Tonga is often regarded as a sailing gem in the Pacific, and it makes perfect sense! Who does not appreciate stunning bright blue, lined by palm trees, waters? It is perhaps the most soothing natural feature! And to add to the attractiveness, the seas here bring with them a ton of exciting activities, like whale watching, snorkeling, diving, etc., making the idea of sailing here even more excellent.

And thanks to the superb sailing infrastructure on the island, there is a guarantee that you will be able to live your dreams of the perfect sailing trip! From the availability of anchor points to the option of hiring a sailboat with or without a skipper to the presence of supply stores, all logistics are perfectly covered. All of Tonga is a sailing paradise, but the most fantastic part is the Vava’u Group in the north of the kingdom.

Experience the beauty and the flavors of Tonga, and then hop onto a sailboat to experience the other side of Tonga. It will be a memory that will etch itself into your mind forever. 

2. Sailing Spots in the Pacific: Tahiti

Tahiti is a magical destination, featuring diverse pearls of nature that are hard to come by. From impressive peaks to stunning waterfalls to a glorious night sky to exotic adventure opportunities, like snorkeling, the island offers you much more than you can imagine.

And while these attractions are enough to keep you grounded on the island, the sailing opportunities here will force you to step into a cruise and explore Tahiti’s gorgeous waters. Often labeled as the clearest and the most attractive turquoise waters on the planet, they are must-sees. Hire a sailing boat with a skipper or without a skipper if you are looking for added privacy – Tahiti has both options available!

Thanks to the island’s well-developed sailing architecture, you can rest assured that you will find everything related to sailing very comfortably here, like fuel, life jackets, etc. 

3. Sailing Spots in the Pacific: Moorea

Moorea is often regarded as the most visually stunning French Polynesian island, and we agree! Despite its modest size, the island is jam-packed with natural wonders that will wow you every moment. The island’s bay prepares you for the level of aesthetics you should expect from the island – peaks dominated by lush vegetation – nothing is more soothing to the eyes! And if you think that the topographical features of the land are the only things that will amuse you during your trip here, you are wrong!

IslandAwe Tahaa Sailing

Allow yourself a fantastic sailing opportunity into Moorea’s rich waters and experience an adventure like none other.

With a robust sailing culture and several facilities to enjoy the best sailing experience, like Marine centers supplying necessary gears and supplies, you are bound to have a fantastic, hassle-free time here.

Plus, you also have the option to go on guided yacht trips or embark on solo, without skipper excursions, and explore Moorean waters perfectly!

4. Sailing Spots in the Pacific: The Cook Islands

When people speak of sailing spots in the Pacific, they usually do not think of the Cook Islands, for, previously, these destinations did not boast sailing architecture. However, over the recent years, not only great efforts have been made to change that, but the Cook Islands have also been prepared to host sustainable tourism. And the fact that the winds here are strong and reliable makes sailing an obvious sailing spot.

So, you can enjoy all the pleasures of its waters perfectly! The great thing about these islands is that you can hire boats the way that is the most feasible for you. Want some privacy and are confident enough to sail your own boat? Hire a boat without a skipper! Want to sit back, relax, and explore your surroundings while someone else takes on sailing responsibilities? Hire a boat with a skipper! Hence, you can rest assured that you will have something to suit your preferences. In Rarotonga and Aitutaki, you’ll also find supply options near the harbor, where you can purchase goods, like fuel, to top your boat up with necessities

5. Sailing Spots in the Pacific: Samoa

If you are wondering why you should travel to Samoa this vacation, here is your answer: it is perfect. Period. This slice of heaven is the ideal tropical getaway you have been dreaming of. Featuring unbeatable classics like crystal clear waters brimming with exotic marine life and being lined by the most luxurious, white sand beaches, this island places itself near the top of the best Pacific islands. Traveling a little inland, you will find Samoa dominated by lush rainforest greenery, stunning waterfalls, and dramatic cliffs. It truly feels like God took his time to craft this island.

And if this was not enough, Samoa also serves as one of the best sailing spots in the Pacific. Thanks to the strong winds that dominate the climate, sailing is feasible and very enjoyable here! And to add to the natural perks of sailing here, the island’s community has developed the sailing architecture exceptionally well, adding anchor spots, providing sailboat supplies, and services to sailors! 

6. Sailing Spots in the Pacific: Niue

If one were to argue that Niue is one of the best sailing spots in the Pacific, one would not be wrong. Not only is the island a fine specimen for natural beauty, boasting elements like dramatic chasms, fascinating cave systems, etc., but its waters also brim with exciting adventure avenues. With one of the largest coral formations just across the island, high dolphin and humpback whale density, Niue’s waters are must-explorations on your trip here. Imagine sailing amidst the crystal clear, shining waters in Niue, watching magnificent whales and friendly dolphins as they swim nearby. Does it not sound amazing?

And thanks to the Yacht club in Niue, you have access to fantastic sailing and sailboat amenities and services, like internet, fuel, bottled gas, etc. However, if you are maneuvering your own sailboat, you will have to be careful about anchoring. Since the waters just off the coast are exceptionally deep, you cannot anchor just anywhere. Follow appropriate guidelines, and you will be safe!

7. Sailing Spots in the Pacific: Fiji

IslandAwe Fiji Yasawas Waya Island Sailing
Amazing Sailing Spots in the Pacific – Yasawas: Waya Island

Enjoy the blissful pleasures of your exotic, South Pacific getaway, and experience life like you have never experienced it before! Indulge in world-class luxury and relax in comforting spas and resorts. Can a vacation get any better? While you may be thinking that that is all you could have ever hoped of getting, Fiji pulls another exciting avenue from under its sleeve: sailing!

Fiji is one of the prime sailing spots in the Pacific region, which adds to its desirability as a vacation destination. Fiji takes its sailing business very seriously, which can be seen in its host of sailing schools and yacht charters. Given this, you can expect the area to be rife with amenities and services. And certainly, Fiji does not disappoint in this regard! You can hire sailboats (usually come with skippers), cook for your sailboat, sit back, and enjoy the waters in peace! 

8. Sailing Spots in the Pacific: Hawaii

If you are looking for a challenging sailing adventure, Hawaii should be your next vacation destination. Although sailing between the Hawaiian Islands has historical precedence, with numerous explorers having taken this route, present-day amateurs and recreational sailors tend to avoid this region, the reason being tricky waters.

However, if you are serious about sailing here, there is good news for you – there are plenty of resources to assist you in your feat. From skilled and knowledgeable skippers to sailing schools to onshore amenities and sailing facilities to anchorage spots, there is everything to ensure you have a wonderful experience. If you are experienced and want to embark on a solo excursion without skippers, you can even proceed with that!

9. Sailing Spots in the Pacific: Vanuatu

If you are looking for an exotic place jam-packed with thrilling adventures, you should plan a trip to Vanuatu for your next holiday getaway. There is a reason why Vanuatu is climbing up the ladder of desirable vacation destinations in the Pacific, after all. Boasting a vibrant, preserved, ancient culture, cuisine to die for, and natural wonders that will blow your mind, it is a place that will stay in your memories forever.

If you happen to be a sailing enthusiast, you will be very happy to know that Vanuatu has excellent opportunities for you in this regard as well. With tons of anchorage spots, you can rest assured that you will have a spot to anchor your boat if you are sailing to the island. And do not worry if you are starting your sailing journey from Vanuatu, for there are countless sailboat and yacht hiring opportunities and services, including electrical and mechanical fixes, to assist you in all possible ways

10. Sailing Spots in the Pacific: Palau

There is no doubt that Palau is easily one of the best and the most iconic sailing spots in the Pacific. If you are wondering why that is so, the answer lies in its highly developed infrastructure that is suited to catering to sailors with different preferences and requirements. The result? An incomparable sailing experience that accents and complements the overall experience of exploring the gorgeous destination that Palau is.

With numerous anchorage spots, freedom to choose between bare boats and boats with skippers, several guided and customized tour opportunities, and onshore facilities, like fuel, Wi-Fi, showers, etc., Palau is fantastic for the dream sailing trip you have always envisioned for yourself!

Sailing in the Pacific brings you even closer to fantastic spots such as remote beaches and islands or snorkeling and diving spots. And you can feel incredible freedom in this gigantic ocean. It is an adventure and a lifetime experience not to be missed :-)) The said islands are a wonderful choice for your exploratory excursions!

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