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Everything you need to know about advertizing in the Cook Islands Travel Guide.

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Sought After Content

A great deal of effort has gone into compiling the information often requested by visitors while planning their next trip or when already in the Cook Islands. We strive to keep the information current and regularly publish updates.

Global Distribution

Our audience is global, and so too our distribution. Initially, we will focus on distributing the FREE version to NZ and AUS because of the travel bubble. However, the consumer-paid-for version is available worldwide from Amazon, Apple Books, and the IslandAwe Website.

Free Distribution

All Cook Islands Travel Guides are electronic products available as eBooks, Online Books, and PDF distribution. The FREE version contains paid advertising and is distributed by ourselves in partnership with advertisers. For visitors already in the Cook Islands, pamphlets with QR-codes will be distributed to download the FREE guide containing your advertising.

Multi Platform Marketing

We use many platforms to create awareness and usability of our guides, from our top-rated YouTube channel and active blogging team to advertising on Google and regionally appropriate social media channels. Physically we distribute flyers and stickers containing QR-codes for easy download of the FREE guides.

Advertising Options

We have a multitude of advertising options—the most popular being in the Cook Island Travel Guides. But we are still a young company offering potential anchor clients many advertising opportunities on our YouTube Videos, Website, social media, etc. We have steered clear of bulk and messy affiliate advertising to give you a chance for a clean, highly effective advertising platform.

Design Support

Our design team stands ready to assist you with effective modern advertising designs. Whether for video, animation, static ads, to name a few.


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