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Where the color blue was invented

everything you need to know about Breathtaking Aitutaki in the Cook islands

The first time we got a glimpse of that awe-inspiring lagoon of Aitutaki, we immediately understood why it said that blue was invented here. All shades of blue embrace you.

It is, without a doubt, the world’s most beautiful blue lagoons on earth. It’s the iconic South Pacific paradise.

Aitutaki and its magnificent unspoiled turquoise blue lagoon is home to heaps of stunning littles islands (so-called Motus) and vibrant marine life.

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Basic Info and Stats About Aitutaki in the Cook Islands



Aitutaki forms part of the Southern Cook Islands Group.


Getting There

The island is 260 kilometers/ 162 miles north of Rarotonga. Air Rarotonga has several daily flights between Rarotonga and Aitutaki. Average flying time is 45 minutes both ways.


Size Of Aitutaki

Aitutaki’s awe-inspiring lagoon measures over 50 kilometers2 / 19.3 miles2. The main island and 15 Motus (smaller islands in the lagoon) have a total land area of 18 kilometers2 / 7 miles2.



Aitutaki is an atoll with a volcanic mainland and volcanic or white sandy Motus.


Inhabitants & Tourist Numbers

The population of Aitutaki is just 1,941.

After Rarotonga, Aitutaki is the second most visited island of the Cook Islands. Annual tourist numbers are around 30,000.

Aitutaki Offers the Bare Essentials in Its Infrastructure



Aitutaki is the only outer island with a tarmac runway. The small Airport only opens when planes arrive or depart. In peak season several flights depart and arrive to and from Rarotonga on a daily basis.



No public transport system is available except for taxis. Cars, scooters, and bicycles are available to rent.



A variety of tour operators, of different sizes, offer tours and outings on land and water.

Aitutaki Palm



Accommodation ranges from very basic backpacker type through to super luxury hotels.


Shopping & dining

Aitutaki has several shops that offer basic groceries and local crafts.

There is a good selection of restaurants, bars, and take-aways. Home prepared meals are also on offer.



The currency is NZD. A few ATMs can be found around the main island.



Medical care is available. Aitutaki has a hospital.


Breathtaking Adventures You Gotta Experience When in Aitutaki

1 Cruisin’ The Lagoon

Take a Water Taxi and criss-cross this most magnificent blue lagoon on earth. Inhale all its shades of blues and turquoises.

Every Motu and sandbank offers private white sandy beaches and lush green palm trees. The bluest lagoon provides many fantastic snorkeling spots. And it all comes with an incredibly deep sense of freedom.

2 Overnight Stay on One Foot Island

You can have Motu Tapuaetai, or better known as One Foot Island, and the nearby sandbank - Slice of Heaven - all to yourself. It offers the ultimate place on this planet for island lovers who want to escape completely.

3 Overnight Stay on Akaiami

Enjoy Sunset on Akaiami with a brilliant view onto the lagoon.

Hike to the backend of the Motu that faces the wild Pacific Ocean for a rougher yet equally impressive experience. High waves, rough reef edges, bizarre cloud formations, and a coral beach.

On your way across the Motu, watch the coconut crabs do their thing.

slice aitutaki

4 Visit Motu Ee and Mangere

Ee and Mangere are two very rarely visited but amazing Motus. Take a kayak and your picnic basket and get onto the lagoon.

Live like Robinson Crusoe and have an island all to yourself. Chill out in the rock pools between Motu Ee and Mangere.

5 Spearfish with The Locals

Learn how to harpoon your own fish and distinguish between edible and non-edible fish. Then learn how to prepare your fish for eating it raw on the spot.

slice 0f heaven
TRopical lodge
Aitutaki pub

6 Kite Surfing On Honeymoon Island

Honeymoon Island is a kitesurfing hotspot. Take some lessons or get out onto the crazy cool lagoon for a surf.

It’s not just about kite surfing. Join the community of kite surfers to chill and chat. A little spot in the middle of this Motus’ lush green center is a hang-out area for all surfers. Great place, great atmosphere.

lagoon spa

7 Adventures above and below the ocean

Whale season is whale watching time which could result in a close encounter. Deep sea fishing safaris are on offer. Two drive operators can drop you on many sites in the ocean and lagoon.

8 An Afternoon at “The Blue Lagoon Restaurant”

From lunch to sunset cocktails, one can enjoy local beer, fresh fish & chips while overlooking the most beautiful lagoon in the world.

Allow your mind empty for hours and lazily jump into the warm blue waters, just because it is so damn inviting.

Aitutaki Jump

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