What MakesMaukein the Cook Islands an Awesome Place?

The Garden Island

finding Your Paradise Destiny

everything you need to know about the hypnotizingly stunning Mauke, Cook islands

Mauke is often referred to as the Garden Island. It has well-kept beach gardens and unspoiled nature.

You’ll also find the Pacific’s largest Banyan tree here. Mauke has many beautiful sandy beaches nestled between wild Makatea-rocks and peaceful gardens.

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Basic Info and Stats About Mauke in the Cook Islands



Mauke forms part of the Southern Cook Islands Group.


Getting There

Mauke is 277 km / 173 mi northeast of Rarotonga. It is connected to the main island with a regular 50 minutes flight.


Size Of Mauke

At 18 km2 / 11 mi2 , Mauke is half the size of the Cook Islands’ main island, Rarotonga. With its sister islands Mitiaro and Atiu, it forms part of the so-called “Three Roots.” They are the remaining three cornerstones of an ancient sunken mega volcano.



Mauke is estimated to be 8 million years old and is a volcanic island. It has a central volcanic plateau, made up of fossilized corals, known as the Makatea.

Mauke has several unexplored caves. While Mauke has a rough coastline, its quieter and secluded sandy beaches are breathtaking. Mauke boasts the largest Banyan tree of the entire Pacific area.


Inhabitants & Tourist Numbers

The population of Mauke is a mere 411 people.

Mauke receives only a handful of tourists each year.

Mauke Offers the Bare Essentials in Its Infrastructure



A sandy airstrip and small airport hut greet you on your arrival. The tiny airport only opens when the small passenger plane arrives and departs.



Mauke has no public transport system. Vehicles to explore the island can be arranged by your host.



Also all types of tours are organised by your host.

Mauke private beaches



We opted to stay at the gorgeous Tiare Cottages hosted by Ta and Teata. The other option is Ri’s Retreat awesome garden lodges, which is behind the airport.


Shopping & dining

Mauke has a couple of small grocery shops but no restaurants and bars.



There is only one ATM on the entire island. Your hosts will take care of your every need, but be sure to bring enough cash with you.



Medical care is available.

Extraordinary Things To Do When In Mauke, Cook Islands

Mauke boasts beachside gardening at its best

Mauke has many beautifully manicured Beaches. Well kept gardens, complete with rest and picnic areas, are scattered all around the island.

Be sure to take along a picnic basket and enjoy days at many amazing flowery gardens.

Largest Banyan Tree in the South Pacific

Hike through the rain forest to the largest Banyan tree in the Pacific. In 2019 it covered an area of about 4.000 m2 / 13.120 ft2, and it continues to expand. A tapestry of impressive tree trunks and roots cover the ground and sky. Here you can swing like Tarzan through the jungle.

Swim in Subterranean Caves

Caves located in the rain forest contain pools in which one can take a refreshing dip. The lush and deep dark pools offer a setting that is both romantic and mystical.

Mauke banyan tree
Mauke beach garden
Mauke garden

“The Divided Church” Of Areora

Centuries ago, two congregations could not agree on the style of their common church. They ended up splitting the church down the middle then proceeded to build and decorate it according to their different ideas.

These mixed ideas came together to create a magnificent church. And for some time now, the inhabitants have celebrated their church service together.

Mauke church
Mauke divided church
Mauke palm

Like what you've learnt about Mauke so far?

Mauke shipwreck

Like What You've learnt about Mauke so far?

The Cook Islands Travel Guide is jam packed with details of Mauke. Contact information. Detailed maps with geocodes and much more.

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