What MakesMitiaroin the Cook Islands an Island of Beautiful Contrasts?

Distinct with its two inland freshwater lakes

finding Your Chillout Destiny

everything you need to know about the Bewilderingly exotic Mitiaro, Cook islands

Mitiaro is known for its endemic eel called “Itiki.” Mitiaro has two inland freshwater lakes that make it unique amongst the Cook Islands islands.

Freshwater pools in subterranean caves offer an excellent refreshing swim break from the tropical climate.

Many beaches lie side by side only to be separated by Makatea. This creates charming private beach. Not that one requires privacy with no one around!

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Basic Info and Stats About Mitiaro in the Cook Islands



Mitiaro forms part of the Southern Cook Islands Group.


Getting There

Mitiaro is 263km / 163 mi northeast of Rarotonga. It is reachable from the main island with a regular 50 minutes flight. Only 20 minutes of flight time if coming from Mauke.


Size Of Mitiaro

Mitiaro is 22 km2 / 14 mi2.



Mitiaro is a volcanic island and estimated to be 8 million years old.

It has a central volcanic plateau made of fossilized corals known as the Makatea. It has a rough coastal line with high Maketea cliffs.

Relaxing, sandy beaches have crystal clear pools to chill in. Mitiaro has two inland freshwater lakes.

Together with its sister islands Mauke and Atiu, they are known as the “Three Roots.” These three cornerstones islands formed part of a mega volcano that sunk more than 10,000 years ago.


Inhabitants & Tourist Numbers

Mitiaro has a population of around 155 people.

Only a handful of tourists visit Mitiaro each year.

Mitiaro Offers the Bare Essentials in Its Infrastructure



A sandy airstrip and small airport hut greet you on your arrival. The tiny airport only opens when the small passenger plane arrives and departs.



Mitiaro offers no public transport system. Vehicles to explore the island are arranged through your host.



Your host also organises tours. Whereat, on Mitiaro you can do a lot without a guide. For example, the subterranean caves are easy to find.

Mitiaro Storm



Mitiaro only offers Homestays with the locals. Typically, one is accommodated in a Kikau Huts, which are coconut palm leaf covered huts in the garden, and specifically built for guests.


Shopping & dining

Mitiaro has one shop selling the basics and has no restaurants. But it has one open-air pub.



Mitiaro has no ATMs. Tip - Take enough cash with you.



Medical care available.

Things You Must Do When In Mitiaro, Cook Islands

Swimming In Crystal Clear Water In Subterranean Caves

Mitiaro has several caves that are easy to find. Usually, one finds oneself at a cave all alone. Just walk in and dive into the cool fresh waters.

These caves have a calm atmosphere with loads of untouched stalactites and stalagmites.

And no tourists at all, maybe a few locals on a Sunday. Not queues. No tickets. Just a unique experience to have any time.

Beaches & Pools Completely To Yourself

Mitiaro has spectacular white sandy cove beaches scattered along the east coast.

Two Large Freshwater Lakes

More precisely, Roto Nui (Big Lake) and Roto Iti (Small Lake).

Lakes on a South Pacific island are rare, and Mitiaro has two of them. They are home to the Itiki - an endemic eel - and the Ava - a scarce milkfish - which are also used for cooking local dishes. One can jump onto a boat with a local and cruise the lake.

Mitiaro beach2
Mitiaro makatea
mitiaro lake
Mitiaro plantation
Mitiaro harbour
Mitiaro cliffs
Mitiaro highlands

Extraordinary Highland-Style Landscape

A beautiful, highland like landscape, with bushland can be seen around the lakes and swamps. For a great adventure, hike across the country: one experiences, rough Maketea, unspoiled nature, white beach, and rough seas.

Silence Of The Central Plantations

Like most islands, Mitiaro, too, has an area where the locals grow fruits and vegetables. On Mitiaro, this area is nestled amongst lush vegetation.

With its quite atmosphere, one is immediately transported into a peaceful state.

Mitiaro cove beach

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