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Not forgetting its smaller neighbor Nassau

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everything you need to know about the Breathtakingly stunning Pukapuka, Cook islands

Pukapuka in the Cook Islands has one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world. When one thinks paradise, Pukapuka ticks every box.

Being so remote, it offers a genuine escape from everything first world. Situated far northwest, it is closer to other island states’ capitals than to its own, Rarotonga.

Pukapukan culture is influenced by its neighbors Samoa & Kiribati and Tokelau. This includes the Pukapukan language spoken, which differs markedly from Cook Islands Maori.

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Basic Info and Stats About Pukapuka in the Cook Islands



Pukapuka forms part of the Cook Islands Northern Island Group.


Getting There

Pukapuka is 1.324 km / 823 mi northwest of Rarotonga. It is the most western of all the Cook Islands islands. Occasional Air Rarotonga offers flights to Pukapuka that last around 4 hours. Or, one can take a type of ferryboat and be at sea for up to a week.


Size Of Pukapuka

Pukapuka’s lagoon measures 5 km2 / 3 mi2 lagoon area, and has 3 km2 / 2 mi2 of land.



A coral atoll built of 3 Motus and a sandbank. It appears like a manta ray swimming from west to east.

Its land is divided between 3 Motus - Wale (North, the main Motu), Ko (South, with the Airstrip), and Kotawa (West, Bird island).

Its magnificent virgin turquoise blue lagoon is home to an abundant marine life.


Inhabitants & Tourist Numbers

Pukapuka is home to 444 people.

Visitor numbers are low, but increasing as this fantastic corner in the world is being discovered.

Pukapuka Offers Visitors the Basic Essentials to enjoy an Island Adventure



A sandy airstrip and small airport hut greet you on your arrival. The tiny airport only opens when the small passenger plane arrives and departs.



Pukapuka has no public transport system or vehicles for hire. Your host can find you a scooter to explore the main island.



Lagoon trips and fishing expeditions, in the lagoon and ocean, are arranged through your host.

PukaPuka palm



Pukapuka only has one homestay guesthouse on Motu Wale. It can accommodate up to 8 people.


Shopping & dining

Pukapuka has no shops, restaurants, or pubs.



Pukapuka has no ATMs. Tip - Take enough cash with you.



Medical care available.

Things You Would Love In Pukapuka, Cook Islands

Breath-taking Lagoon

Pukapuka is the ultimate island paradise. It only offers the basics yet so authentic. Catch a boat ride with the locals, snorkel the beautiful lagoon, dive the ocean, or go spearfishing.

Exploring the Motus by itself is so profoundly satisfying. Chill on the tropical beach, just you and your partner, with nobody in sight. Inhale the virgin beauty that is Pukapuka.

Mingle With The People

The locals love their island life and taking care of their guests. You will instantly become part of the community and their lifestyle. They are eager to share their stories and listen to yours.

Hike The Reef

At low tide, it’s possible to walk on the rim of the atoll between Motu Wale and Ko. With incredible views over the lagoon on the one side and the pacific ocean on the other. On the way, you will pass a small shipwreck.

PukaPuka people
PukaPuka reef
PukaPuka palm island
PukaPuka blue
PukaPuka huts
PukaPuka beach
PukaPuka harbour

Nature conservation at its best

The islanders rotate, cultivating, and living between the 3 Motus to preserve them and allow each to rejuvenate in turn. A lifestyle in absolute harmony with mother earth.

Boat Trip To Sandbank Toka or Nassau

Get out of the lagoon, by taking a boat trip to the awesome sandbank Toka or the sister island Nassau.

Pukapuka's neighboring island, Nassau, Is the Deserted Garden of Eden

Nassau is a little garden of Eden with its lush vegetation and fertile soil. It is covered with Taro swamps and coconut trees. It is no wonder it is home to the world champion in coconut tree climbing George Iona.

Nassau has virtually no reef or lagoon, which means all fishing is done in the open water of the Pacific Ocean.

PukaPuka cook islands
  • Nassau forms part of the Northern Island Group and falls under the jurisdiction of Pukapuka.
  • Its land area is 1,3 km2/ 0,8 mi2 It is situated only 90km / 56 mi southeast of Pukapuka and 1246 km / 774 mi northwest north of Rarotonga.
  • Nassau is home to 78 inhabitants. It receives close to zero tourists.occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.
  • Getting There: Nassau can be reached by boat only. Supply ships from Rarotonga bring essentials and also passengers. Local boats and recently a small ferry boat is crossing between Nassau and Pukapuka.
  • Mobility: No public transport system.
  • Accommodation: There are no tourist accommodations, but homestays can be arranged. Traditionally the locals live in Kikau huts (coconut palm leaf-covered huts).
PukaPuka beach mainland

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The Cook Islands Travel Guide is jam packed with details of Pukapuka and Nassau. Contact information. Detailed maps with geocodes and much more.

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