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Interactive Cook Islands Travel Guide

Make the most of your visit to the Cook Islands.

The most comprehensive travel guide to the Cook Islands ever. Everything you need to know about every inhabited island.

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One reference for everything you need to know about the magnificent islands of the Cook Islands?


This guide covers every detail to make your experience on every one of Cook Islands’ islands a fantastic expereince.


You know it, pictures say a lot, so included tons of them that we gathered first hand.


Oh yes, the Cook Islands go well beyond just Rarotonga and Aitutaki. 

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What's in the Cook Island Travel guide?

Ease of mind planning. Experience more. The guide includes:
  • Overview of the Cook Islands as a travel destination. So much to do.
  • Detail maps of 9 major islands.
  • Detailed descriptions of traveling through the islands and lagoons.
  • Geo-codes of all the places referred to.
  • Full contact details for everything from transport, accommodation, eating, shopping, all activities on offer, and more.
  • We also added our top tips of things we think you must experience on each island
  • Loads of photographs.

All in one place. We Have Included everything about the good islands you want to know.

All the inhabited islands are covered in the Cook Islands Travel Guide.
  1. Rarotonga (the main island)
  2. Aitutaki (hands down the most amazing paradise lagoon on the planet)
  3. Atiu
  4. Mangaia
  5. Manihiki (known for its black pearls)
  6. Mauke
  7. Mitiaro
  8. Nassau
  9. Palmerston
  10. Penrhyn (One of the largest lagoons on the plant)
  11. Pukapuka
  12. Rakahanga
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The Cook Islands Travel Guide Is Designed With You In Mind

The Cook Islands Travel Guide has been created with two groups of travelers in mind.
Tropical Escape Group

This group includes those that simply want an escape to a tropical island paradise and need to know what’s on offer and the things one can do while visiting. And we know what people want to know because we owned and managed the Dive & Surf Shop on Rarotonga, where we fielded many visitor’s questions.

The Island Adventurer

This group is keen to explore islands beyond Rarotonga and Aitutaki and wants to get out to the lesser-known islands, where few go. This guide provides all the information you’ll need to set up your outer island exploration and discover some amazing things while there. And, yes, we are qualified to provide answers to everything you need to know as we did it all ourselves.

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We have structured the information in the Cook Islands Travel Guide to Make it Easy for You to Use

The typical content structure of each island is as follows:
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What Our Reads Are Saying

Awesome! So Much information never before available in one place about traveling through the Cook Islands.– Jane Rose


What an amazing place. What an amazing guide. – Chu Hua


Long overdue. Great job. This will certainly put the Cook Islands firmly on the map as a vacation and adventure destination– Roberto Rodriquez

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Cook Islands Travel Guide
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